Kammerkoret Aurums first album “UR” was released with the production company 2L in November 2016. Ur is time. Past meets future, young forces are given the chance to carry time forward. Ur is origin. Where we recognize our roots, the past experiences that inform our perspectives of the path ahead. Us is wilderness. The scree clinging to the mountain, hard rock: impassable, majestic and of infinite beauty. Time, origin and nature are core values in “UR”. The recordings consist exclusively of commissioned works, written by composers in affiliation with the musical community in Trondheim. The composers have different backgrounds and tonal language, providing this record with a complex and complementary repertoire.

Composer Work
Tre sanger til skogen Eva Holm Foosnæs
Knølkvalen Odd Johan Overøye
Voggesang for ein bytting Øyvind Johan Eiksund
Tre reiskapar Martin Eikeset Koren
Steinbiten Odd Johan Overøye
Lev vår draum Geir Døhlie Gjerdsjø
Vé no velkomne med æra Eva Holm Foosnæs
Breiblabben Odd Johan Overøye

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